About us



    專業科技 健康守護
    Professional technology health Guardian
    Since the core of love, hope to become your health consultant, and make due contributions to the health of people around the world.
    In China, we will this desire into action. Love from the core began in Guangzhou production of electronic sphygmomanometer, in the subsequent ten years, we constantly bring forth the new through the old, to provide more and better public health products. Not only is the maker of health monitoring products, the core of the love to be your health consultant, pushing you to develop good habits, protect, promote your health. In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood lipids (commonly known as the three), obesity and other health threats from getting closer to our life. Love core with advanced sensor technology unique, can help you earlier and more easily monitor "three high", make you more healthy life. The first step is to love, as the core of health management consultant. Future, the core of the love will continue in your side, in order to protect health as the goal, to become your faithful, professional health consultant!

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